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Do you want your kids to play games that are good for them? Here at we have constantly updating lists of great  and safe games that will teach your kids the skills they need to succeed in life. We hope this list will help you to provide a positive parenting approach.

Safe games have the ability to teach children useful skills such as hand-eye coordination, literacy and numeracy skills, and problem-solving. However not all games are created equal, and this is where we can help.

Our team of safe game reviewers carefully play all games and assess the games on the basis of benefit, not popularity, and the appropriate age level for the games’ content.

Safe game criteria


All Safe Game reviews assess the game on the following criteria:


    • In-app purchases: Does this game offer in- app purchases and if so is it clear what you get for your purchase? Is the game designed in such a way that you have to purchase extra items after a certain period of time?
    • In-game advertising: Is there any advertising in the game, both as part of the game or before or after play? At times advertising is used to direct traffic to gambling games/websites?
    • Gambling references: Do you have to take part in gambling of any sort as part of the gameplay (e.g. to advance to the next level or to acquire valuable items.)?
    • Addictive techniques used: We know exactly what features or techniques are used to get people addicted to games. We assess every game on its ability to become addictive?
    • Inappropriate content: Sexism, bigotry and other forms of discrimination is unfortunately still rife in many popular games. We look for the messages the games are giving our kids and make a judgement on whether the game is suitable for the age group.

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