If you need help dealing with video games at home…

Contact us! We can give help you with

  • Assessing the negative impact gaming is having on your family
  • Finding the appropriate professional help
  • Finding great and safe games for your family
  • Provide you with personalised advice for your specific situation

Who usually contacts us?

Most parents who contact us are concerned but not sure what to do.  They are unsure whether their child’s gaming is healthy or not. They see their kids playing these games and usually the kids want to play more. Does this mean that your kids are addicted? Does it mean they’re gambling? Contacting us will give you peace of mind.

What can you do now?

  1. Download the Parent’s Guide to Gaming to read up about gaming and get all the tips and information on how to manage gaming in the home. The guide is completely FREE and full of good stuff!
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  3. Learn more about gaming and their impact by reading the other pages on this website. Knowledge is power!
  4. Contact your GP for advice. They should always be your first port of call for any health concern.
  5. Contact your local mental health service.


If you contact us who will you talk to?

Steven Dupon will be directly responding to your requests for help. I’m based in Melbourne Australia but we can provide support and assistance over the phone or Skype.

The Parent’s Guide to Gaming


Parents Guide to Gaming

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