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We know that virtually ALL young people play video games and it’s increasingly having an impact on them. Some impacts are positive, some not so positive. For many families, video games are a source of stress and conflict. The kids always want to play games and their parents would rather they go outside and play in the backyard.

What can we do to keep our kids safe from gaming related harm? Do you feel you understand this new youth culture? Are you confident you can keep children safe from the risks that are associated with gaming?

workshops on gaming

Interested in a presentation, workshop or consultation?


The presentations give you an overview of the benefits, risks and concerns that are associated with gaming. You’ll learn about compulsive gaming, risks and impacts of gaming, loads of practical parenting tips. Focus can be on parenting, education or youth engagement.

Find out the basics in one hour of interactive discussion.

These presentations are ideal for:

  • parents education session
  • classroom sessions about healthy technology use
  • professional networks


3 Hour Workshops

Learn about why kids love gaming and why some get obsessed by them. Understand the risks and dangers of gaming but also look at the opportunities and benefits.

Learn how to identify when gaming is having a real negative impact on a child’s life. You will walk away with all the tools and resources to start supporting gamers and manage healthy and safe gaming behaviours.

Workshops are ideal for:

  • professional development for youth workers, teachers, mental health workers



Contact me for individualised support or consultation on gaming, parenting, professional support or school approaches. I’m always happy to talk. (I actually really enjoy discussing video games and their impacts)

Feedback from participants

“Really interesting and informative for a non-techno parent.”

“Good practical advice on management of game limitations with children. Good at reducing fear.”

“Steven is clearly very knowledgeable and understands parents and their struggles at home.”

“Whole audience enthralled for 1 ½ hours”

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