www.videogames.org.au is managed by the Institute of Games. We’re a social enterprise that studies technology and its impacts on people. We share our learnings by creating resources and delivering training and workshops.

We believe that education is the main solution to staying safe and healthy in games. If we train our children to recognize the risks and the dangers and teach them ways to mitigate or avoid these risks, they will feel empowered to make the right decisions.

We’re working to make www.videogames.org.au a resource rich website for gamers, their parents, teachers and professionals working with young people.

We use the opportunities of gaming and we deal with the risks.

Steven Dupon

Director, The Institute of Games

Who we are

We’re parents probably just like you. We get excited by the opportunities of new technologies. But we’re also a bit worried about the impact of all this technology use is having on our kids. As professionals working with children and young people we started reading research on the impacts of gaming and sharing what we knew. We’ve done so for the past 10 years. In that time we have also learned a lot from parents. We believe that parents are the only experts when it comes to their children. We can only provide them with information and ideas. It is you who is best placed to put these into practice with your own kids.

Steven Dupon is founder and director of The Institute of Games and manages this website. Steven has over 20 years of experience working with children and young people. He focuses on developing and empowering them to be the best they can be.

For the last 10 years Steven has specialised in the impact of technology on children and how to:

  • raise awareness about the risks of gaming
  • prevent harm associated with gaming
  • support the positives of gaming
  • use gaming in child and youth development

Steven managed a number of organisations and ran several projects and programs, delivered countless workshops and presentations to students and parents and developed numerous resources and factsheets on the impact of video games.

Find out more about Steven Dupon on LinkedIn.


over 200,000 people

have used our resources

over 50 organisations

have partnered with us

over 5,000 people

have attended our workshops

Evidence base

Over the past decade we have collected academic research on the topic of gaming and it’s impact on children and young people. We’ve studied it and applied our knowledge in our work with young people. Over the years we’ve learned a lot about gaming and how families deal with it.

We study the available research, talk to parents and young people ourselves and from this knowledge and experience create resources that are user friendly and based on the available evidence.

We work closely with universities on the work we do, particularly when we run projects on specific aspects of gaming. For example our current project on gambling in video games is informed by academics and we actively reach out and collaborate with researchers in this field to ensure our work is evidence based.

We are currently compiling on a complete reference list for those who wish to take up their own study.

Please contact us if you need any help in finding relevant research on gaming.





Want to work with us?

We currently don’t have any ongoing positions available but we’re always on the lookout for people who ‘get it’. In our projects we reach out to writers, academics, producers, creatives to help us with our work.

Sometimes people reach out to us, excited about what we do and generously offer their time and expertise to help us create more resources. We are very grateful for this! Get in touch with us if our purpose excites you. I’m always keen to talk to like-minded people.

Currently we’re working on a game that takes people through the impacts of gaming. If you can help with this, please get in touch.

If you’re a great facilitator of student workshops, feel free to get in touch as well. We’d like to ramp up this part of our business.

FAQ about videogames.org.au

Why factsheets?

We like factsheets because it provides bite-sized information. We feel that people don’t like to read long books. Instead they want to find the information they need easily and rapidly.

Factsheets are also easy to give out to people or even published in current publications like school newsletters.


Do you waive fees?

If you’re a parent in need but for whatever reason are unable to pay the fee for our parent’s pack, then yes we will either reduce or waive the fee. Please get in touch with us directly through our website.


Can I share the resources after i purchase them?

If you purchase the professionals pack you can share all resources with the families you work with.

If you purchase the schools pack you can share all resources with the families in your schools.

If you purchase the parent’s pack you cannot share the resources.


Do you provide private consultations?

We’re able to provide you with a private consultation. Please get in touch with us directly through the website.

We currently do not provide ongoing counselling.


Where are you based?

We are based in Melbourne Australia.

Contact us to talk about gaming and children