Purchase the Professional’s Pack and receive:

  • 16 worksheets/tools/factsheets covering assessments, working with families and behaviour change.
  • The Parent’s Workbook for Dealing with Gaming Issues at Home to give to the families you work with.
  • All 14 tools/factsheets in the Parenting Pack to give as resources to the families you work with.
  • All 14 information factsheets in the Info Pack
  • A license to use all the above resources with all families you work with directly.


The professionals pack has all the information, resources and tools professionals need to help gamers and their families!

You will get a total of 44 separate factsheets/tools/resources and the Parent’s Workbook to dealing with gaming issues. This is over 150 pages of information and advice to help you support children and their families.


Supporting gamers is hard. It’s even harder if you’re not a gamer yourself.

This pack will make your life a bit easier. It will give you:

  • A deep understanding about gaming and how games
  • Guidance on how to talk about gaming with your clients
  • Loads of resources for your parents so they can support their child at home
  • A support plan based on CBT to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours


44 tools, resources and factsheets.

Click on the boxes below to find out more:

5 in depth gaming concepts factsheets

  • Immersion in video games
  • Dopamine and gaming
  • Feelings of survival in video games
  • Avatar attachment
  • Variable Reward Schedules

9 Parenting tips and tools factsheets

  • Tips for choosing a new game
  • Setting your limits
  • Setting the environment
  • Introducing game development
  • Tips for staying safe online
  • Finding professional help
  • Gamer profiles
  • Manage gaming at home – our 13 best tips
  • Questionnaire for finding games that are beneficial to a child’s development

14 Information Factsheets about the impacts of video games


  • Video game genres explained
  • Gamer language explained
  • The Australian Classification of video games
  • E-sports or competitive gaming



  • Cognitive benefits
  • Emotional benefits
  • Social benefits
  • Skills development benefits



  • Video Game addiction
  • Gambling in video games
  • Cyber safety and bullying in video games
  • Violence in video games
  • Gender stereotypes in video games
  • Racism in games

17 tools and resources for professionals

  • Professionals Pack Intro


  • Assessments Intro
  • Wellbeing assessment
  • Gaming disorder questionnaire
  • Game playing tracker

Working with the family

  • Breaking the cycle
  • TOOL – Positives and negatives
  • HANDOUT – Talking about gaming

Behaviour change

  • Behaviour Change Intro
  • CBT for gaming issues
  • Identifying and understanding behaviours
  • Behaviour goals
  • Goal setting worksheet
  • Setting Responsibilities
  • Setting rewards and consequences
  • Gamified rewards worksheet
  • Gaming contract


The Parent’s Workbook for Dealing with Gaming Issues

The Parent’s Workbook for Dealing with Gaming Issues is a 5 step manual that will guide you through assisting and supporting your child to reach a healthier balance between gaming and real life. It is over 100 A4 pages, full of information, resources and tools and it’s very easy to use. If gaming is causing conflict in thehome it’s a must have!

The workbook will help parents to:

  • assess your child’s general wellbeing, assess the gaming behaviours and identify gaming disorder
  • provide advice on how to communicate and interact with your child
  • give you an in depth understanding of gaming
  • help you work through changing the negative gaming behaviours
  • find a better balance between gaming and real life responsibilities
  • improve your relationship with your child


Get all these tools, factsheets, resources and the workbook for just $49!

Professionals also get a license to use the documents with all families they work with.


How will I receive the documents once I purchase them.

Clicking on the ‘Purchase Button’ will take you to a secure page where you can fill out your credit card details. Once this is done, the documents will be available to you for download.