I’ve been working with The Cairnmillar Institute and Chrsyalis Insight Inc. to bring you a nine-part drama series on the impact of gambling on an Australian family. 

The series launches on the 3rd of April. You can watch the trailer on the “I win, you lose” website. 

I support the team with web development and social media management.

Have a read of this article on how gamification can be used in counselling. I’m working with a school to look into how we can use video games to prevent students from disconnecting from school.

E-sports continue to grow! The Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly and the Australian Esports Association (AESA) are collaborating with RMIT University to undertake research into the impact of esports in our schools.
Lootboxes are again linked to problem gambling!  Dr Zendle and Dr Cairns completed a large scale survey of gamers (n=1,172) and found that the more individuals spent on lootboxes, the more severe their problem gambling.

This study found high rates of manipulative advertising in kid’s apps; even in so-called ‘educational apps’. Why is advertising regulation not enforced in this space? Here’s an article on the topic.

Furthermore on lootboxes: the Department of Communications and the Arts released a report on the discussions they held with ‘the public’ on lootboxes, simulated gambling, online interactivity and strong themes in computer games.  Again it was found that lootboxes are poorly understood.

According to the results ofthis research, a parental assessment of Internet Gaming Disorder in adolescence seems to be a promising new approach and it opens a new perspective in the exploration of IGD.

I recently redeveloped our workshops with students (primary and Secondary) on how to keep gaming balanced with their other responsibilities in life. I’m looking forward to continue rolling these out.

I’m working on a program that uses video games to engage at-risk students and ultimately re-connects them to school.

I have parent seminars scheduled in Whitehorse, Marybyrnong, Booroondara.

I will be delivering professional development sessions for VRGF on the link between gaming and gambling.

 I developed the “I win, You lose” website and I’m working on a website (‘online experience’) for “Three sides of the coin” theatre group. I’m really enjoying web development at the moment.