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Here to help when gaming causes friction or even conflicts in your family. We provide advice, information and resources around video game addiction, gambling, violent video games and cybersafety issues.

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Does gaming lead to conflict in your family?

how to deal with video game addiction
How to deal with video game addiction

Get our latest resource: How to deal with video game addiction – A manual for parents and professionals

What is it?

How to deal with video game addiction is a 5 step manual that will guide you through assisting and supporting your child to reach a healthier balance between gaming and real life. It is over 100 A4 pages and just like our free parent’s guide it’s easy to read and use. If gaming is causing conflict in your home it’s a must have!

Where can i get it from?

You can purchase it from my Gumroad account here.

Is it any good?

Well yes it is!! I’ve studied this area for the last 7 years and worked with many kids and families over the course of this time. This manual is exactly what i use with families and I find it gives them excellent guidance to deal with the issues and conflicts in a different more positive way.

I get some great feedback from other professionals as well about this manual. They think it’s good too, so I guess it can’t be that bad.

Gaming can be risky and dangerous

Gaming is great but we shouldn’t shy away from some of the risks and concerns that surround gaming. We don’t want to be alarmist but we do want you to be informed. Knowledge is power! And when you’re informed you’ll find it easier to protect your children from any gaming related harm.

We have advice about:

Video Game Addiction

Violent Games and other inappropriate content

Cybersafety issues

Gambling within games.

But it can also be good for kids!

Video games are the newest and arguably the most popular form of entertainment these days. According to the Digital Australia 16 report 98% of homes with children have video games and we play for an average of 88 minutes every day!

Games are really cool and can have a wonderful impact on children’s development. They can support your child’s

Cognitive development

Emotional development

Skill development 

Social development



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