This page lists a collection of resources of all kinds used for the prevention of gambing harm.


Virtual addictions: An examination of problematic social casino game use among at-risk gamblers
Sally Gainsbury, Daniel L. King, Alex M.T. Russell, Paul Delfabbro, Nerilee Hing

The Use of Social Media in Gambling
Sally Gainsbury, Daniel King, Paul Delfabbro, Nerilee Hing, Alex Russell, Alex Blaszczynski, Jeffrey Derevensky

Convergence of gambling and gaming in digital media
Sally Gainsbury, Daniel L. King, Dr. Brett Abarbanel, Professor Paul Delfabbro, and Professor Nerilee Hing

Who Pays to Play Freemium Games? The Profiles and Motivations of Players who make purchases within Social Casino Games
Sally Gainsbury, Daniel King, Alex Russel, Paul Delfabbro

Migration from social casino games to gambling: Motivations and characteristics of gamers who gamble
Sally Gainsbury, Alex Russel, Daniel King, Paul Delfabbro, Nerilee Hing

Positioning of online gambling and gaming products from a consumer perspective: A blurring of perceived boundaries
Sally Gainsbury, Thorsten Teichert, Cordelia Mühlbach

Social casino game use in adults with gambling problems
Sally Gainsbury, King, D. L., Russell, A. M. T., Delfabbro, P., & Hing, N.

Intensity and gambling harms: Exploring breadth of gambling involvement among esports bettors
Sally Gainsbury, Abarbanel, B., & Blaszczynski, A.

Game on: Comparison of demographic profiles, consumption behaviours, and gambling site selection criteria of esports and sports bettors
Sally Gainsbury, Abarbanel, B., & Blaszczynski, A.

A review of Australian classification practices for commercial video games featuring simulated gambling
Daniel King , Paul H. Delfabbro, Jeffrey L. Derevensky & Mark D. Griffiths

Adolescent simulated gambling via digital and social media: An emerging problem
Daniel King , Paul H. Delfabbro, Dean Kaptsis, Tara Zwaans

Distinguishing between gaming and gambling activities in addiction research
Daniel King , Sally Gainsbury, Paul Delfabbro, Nerilee Hing, Brett Abarbanel

The cost of virtual wins: An examination of gambling-related risks in youth who spend money on social casino games
Daniel King , Alex Russel, Sally Gainsbury, Paul Delfabbro and Nerilee Hing

Social casino gaming and adolescents: Should we be concerned and is regulation in sight?
Jeffrey Derevensky & Sally Gainsbury
An Examination of the Relationship Between Social Casino Gaming and Gambling: The

Bad, The Ugly, and The Good
Michael Wohl, Melissa Salmon, Samantha Hollingshead, Hyoun Kim

Is it gambling or a game? Simulated gambling games: Their use and regulation
Anna Thomas & Marissa Dickins

Factors that influence children’s gambling attitudes and consumption intention: lessons for gambling harm prevention, research, policies and advocacy strategies
Anna Thomas, Hannah Pitt, Amy Bestman, Mike Daube and Jeffrey Derevensky

Gambling and social gambling: An exploratory study of young people’s perceptions and behaviour
Mark Griffiths, Malgorzata Carran

Amusement machine playing in childhood and adolescence: a comparative Analisys of video games and fruit machines
Mark Griffiths

Adolescent gambling and gambling-type games on social networking sites: Issues, concerns, and recommendations
Mark Griffiths

The psychosocial impact of gambling in virtual reality
Mark Griffiths

Addictive Gameplay: What Casual Game Designers Can learn from slot machine research
Kevin Harrigan, Karen Collins, Michael Dixon, Jonathan Fugelsang

Gambling Games on Social Platforms: How Do Advertisements for Social Casino Games Target Young Adults?
Abarbanel, Sally M. Gainsbury, Daniel King, Nerilee Hing, and Paul H. Delfabbro

Know your odds

Know your odds is a campaign by the Tasmanian Government. It has

  • lesson plans,
  • calculators of how much you’re like to lose when you gamble,
  • a great resource for health professionals
  • lots of information pdf’s

What's the Real Deal

A teaching kit for schools years 7and 8 to education students about the harm of gambling:

I win, you lose

Excellent nine part drama series about gambling harm and children. Freely available on youtube

VRGF's School Education Program

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation runs a great school eduaction program. They have free

  • lesson plans,
  • supporting video’s
  • policy templates for schools
  • articles for newsletters

Australian Gambling Research Centre

Publications and resources to increase the capacity and capability of professionals working in the gambling sector.


Big deal is a UK run outreach program for young people to learn about the risks and harms of gambling.

Alliance for Gambling Reform

Advocacy Platform to keep Australia safe from gambling harm. They have

  • campaigns,
  • volunteer opportunities
  • active social media accounts
  • lots of news

At Odds

A research project about youth gambling run in the ACT. It provides great insight into young people’s attitudes and knowledge about gambling and its harms.

Skin Gambling report

2018 report by ParentZone (UK based) on Skin Gambling – Teenage Britain’s Secret Habit

Canadian documentary about boys, mental health and gaming.

How Poker works in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Lootboxes explained