Develop your manual skills by playing games

Aside from developing cognitive skills, video games are also proven to feature manual skills development. The ability of video games to develop a wide variety of skills is interesting for education or training providers, particularly when trying to teach difficult to engage groups of people.

Playing video games has also shown to develop problem solving, spatial and hand-eye coordination skills, as well as vision and speed skills.  Adolescents that played role-playing and strategic-based games show increased problem solving skills. Children playing any type of video game show with increased creativity. Video games can teach timing skills, as the timing of a move is crucial in video games. Puzzle games can teach organisation skills, while resource management is another key skill in video games as many games provide a player with a limited amount of resources which need to be rationed to complete the game. Finally video games also teach players how to use the controls of their device.


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How to use video games safely in schools.

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More research
Using Nintendo Wii for stroke rehabilitation

The Benefits of Playing Video Games
Isabela Granic, Adam Lobel, and Rutger C. M. E. Engels
Radboud University Nijmegen

Reading skill development

Video games actively engage the player in a range of cognitive tasks. Most will feature text as a way to explain the rules of the game or introduce new features. Some video games are more ‘wordy’ than others and if you find the right game for your child it may really improve his or her reading skills. They can be a great alternative or addition to books.

Hand-Eye Coordination skills

Video games require hand skills to execute the desired task to play the game, using fine and gross motor skills with visual perception. Play a game that requires precision timing, a sensitive touch and detail and you will find your hand-eye skill increases. Playing video games may even help surgeons perfect their skill in the operating room.


The Wii and Kinect are consoles that utilise motion controllers which detect the movements of the players. Games are played by actively moving your body in a particular way. Many sports games are very compatible with this system and it’s a lot of fun for the whole family to play these simulation sports games. Playing such games have also been successful in introducing activity and sports to people who are otherwise not inclined to be active. Video games by themselves are usually not  beneficial for one’s fitness and activity levels, but if done in the right way, these games  can be really good for you. Just another example of skills development whilst playing video games.

Video Games as Training Techniques

The military uses video games as a training technique (EST) Engagement Skills Trainer. Video games are created to simulate the environment and situations soldiers will face, allowing soldiers to practice shooting in a safe environment;  and to teach judgement skills in combat situations. Video games are also used to teach pilots the safe operation of a plane before they control a real plane.

Video Games as therapy

Video games are fast becoming recognised as an important tool in rehabilitation settings, particularly rehabilitation of children. Video game consoles such as Wii involve whole body movement. The potential is for video games to help increase the movement of players in a therapeutic setting. Video game therapy or ‘Wii-habilitation’ has been particularly successful for children with cerebral palsy or in rehabilitation.

LINK: Wii-habilitation

Video games are a great and engaging way of new skills development and is already been used by many different industries to teach.

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