Workshops, presentations and training

to keep video games safe and healthy for children.


kids at school

Our student workshops discuss the risks of gaming without demonising it.

We believe that when students can identify the risks and know how to mitigate these risks, they will be less likely to experience harm from video games.

Learning outcomes:

  • ability to seek help when needed
  • know tools and strategies to stay safe
  • greater awareness about the risks
  • importance of peer support


Create a plan on how to deal with video games at home.

Gaming often leads to conflicts in the home. By getting a better understanding how games impact children, parents develop better strategies to deal with this.

Focus is on:

  • practical information and parenting tips
  • tools and strategies to reduce conflict in the home
  • greater awareness about the risks
  • where to seek help if needed


parents guide to gaming -

Working with young people is challenging. And with video games being their most popular and successful entertainment, professionals need to know how to  keep children safe from harm

Learning outcomes:

  • What is internet gaming disorder
  • How to support ‘gamers’
  • Working with families
  • Psychology of gaming
  • Risks incl. gambling, violence, addiction and inappropriate content

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